Everything you need for your eCommerce

on one smart marketing platform

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  • Instagram

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    How to increase the security of company channels in social networks

Flexible eCommerce Solution

Get your eCommerce better and smarter!

  • Products management

  • Orders management

  • Unlimited currencies

  • Multiple price types & stores

  • Visibility and convenience

  • Sales on nets in 1 click!

  • Convenient filters

  • Load media Drag&Drop

Intelligent eCommerce Dashboard

Simple and informative!

All analytics data on your social services, media channels and your sales are brought together on the same screen

  • Friendly interface

  • Index dynamics across your channels

  • Sales strategy insights using fact based analysis

  • Goals achievement dynamics

Аll orders from various social networks in one place!

Keep various goods under your eyes - nothing is easier!

Every order in easy manageable account and understandable statistics!

Complete product card as your customers see it!

Convert Your Communications into Checkouts

Collect all communications in one online office!

All your customer messages<br>in one place

No requests<br> are lost!

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    Business (WABA)
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
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    Telegram Bot
  • Viber
  • Avito
  • YouTube
  • Ozon
  • Ok
  • Cloud-based messaging allows you to work from any device and application
  • Our system carefully saves all the history of correspondence on your channels in one personal account
  • The replies to customers questions can be written at a time on behalf of the brand by several employees
  • Try habitual communications in a new, easier, more convenient and more efficient form
  • Our system power guarantees you the security of all communications in business accounts

Start your sales with us super easy!

Fast, productive, efficient

  • Create products or services
    Create products
  • Add your channels and publish products
    Publish products
  • Manage orders and get insights
    Publish products
  • Get your profit
    Get your profit

Cloud sync your products and orders

You and your employees can work where they want, in a most convenient way and work-life balance

Any order placed directly on social services (connected to Marketcells) will be automatically "pulled up" and displayed in the system.

Your employees can continue their work in social networks in any way they got used to, while you get the opportunity to monitor their activity on all social nets at once using our platform only!

Marketcells helps to rise your company sales up to the next level!

Supercharge Your Social Media to Rocket Your Business_

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We are on social networks

We are on social networks

Marketcells - strategic management for social networks and communications

Discover the possibilities of our digital platform for your sales explosive growth

Marketcells - easy and efficient

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