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See how the Marketcells platform could be of much help to managers and specialists

  • For SMM specialist

    For SMM specialist
    • Unified access via single account on our platform to all your channels on popular social networks and messengers without tedious switching between them, and several channels used at the same time
    • Scheduled posting via our Calendar, where you can see both your own and your competitors recent activities
    • Significant time saving for preparing and publishing a post thanks to AI abilities used
    • Preset requirements of main social networks to images and posts on our platform – no need to figure them out or remember
    • Cloud-based Posts sync - work from anywhere and anytime you want
    • Statistics collected across social networks you use and your posts published
    • Competitor activity analysis
    • Work efficiency statistics – are you doing well or not yet
    • Objective reports on your work automatically done – no need to compile them for the boss/client
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  • For the leader

    For the leader
    • Security - no need to pass your employees the direct administrative access to all social networks
    • Employee's access easily disable - when an employee quits, there is no need to change all passwords for all your services, just disable his access to your online office on Marketcells platform
    • Limited period access to your data for external consultants and freelancers -with no need to change all passwords later
    • Automated Statistics collection - for your analytics and specialists performance evaluation
    • Comparative statistics for periods of different specialists work
    • Goal management Module for employees KPI calculating
    • Direct access to Customer feedback Management for several professionals - thus you might increase the answer quality as well as the customer loyalty, and reduce the load on the SMM specialist
    • Specialists resources Optimization
    • Automated reporting
    • Spam Blocker
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  • For advertiser / For influencer

    For advertiser / For influencer
    • Marketcells, an independent intermediary, displays true statistics across the channels / posts, that is good for you to draw a conclusion about the success or failure of the set goals achevement
    • We provide advertisers with direct access to channel statistics and audience estimates from an independent source (Marketcells)
    • You will be able to compare your and your competitors performance across the posts/channels
    • We care about you and provide with automatic users unsubscribing from paid channels /groups after the subscription has not been prolonged - manage your commercial subscriptions to channels / groups easier
    • Marketcells saves all the channel activities including deleted for further analytics and reporting – you do not need to prove if there was a post or not anymore
    • You can set goals for posts with automatic notification to all interested parties when the goal is closed – have more free time
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  • For a marketer

    For a marketer
    • Statistics collection automated
    • Analytics including the daily based history of index changes
    • Index comparison across different time periods
    • Index comparison across your and your competitor channels performance
    • Choice of channels for marketing (statistics and analytics based data)
    • Evaluation of subscribers involvement in marketing activities
    • Marketing promotion support in channels BIO
    • Creatives audit (statistics based, good for best practices identification)
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The only platform you need to rule your social media, communication, and sales empire


We made planning and scheduling your activity on social networks more enjoyable!

  • Posting on social services in 1 click!
  • Create posts from the Calendar
  • Scheduled Posting
  • Visibility and convenience
  • Convenient filters

Easily copy, plan, control and enjoy convenience gaining insights into your channels!


Collect all communications in one online office!

  • Cloud-based messaging
  • Conversations history
  • Collaboration
  • Habitual communications
  • Communication security

Streamlining processes and communication with real-time collaboration tools


Flexible eCommerce Solution!

  • Sales on nets in 1 click!
  • Products management
  • Orders management
  • Unlimited prices & currencies
  • Cloud sync for products and orders

Get your eCommerce better and smarter!

Statistics and analytics

The ROI of your social media strategy has become crystal clear!

  • Index dynamics across your channels!
  • Competitor analysis
  • Goals achievement dynamics
  • Index dynamics across competitors channels
  • Reported periods comparison

No more mysterious dances with a tambourine in a dark forest)))!

About Us

We make the digital world more accessible

The Marketcells platform has been developed by a team of professionals with many years experience in combining Digital Marketing + BigData + AI.

We see our mission in promoting the development of small and medium-sized businesses by creating best practices and solutions in the field of integrated intelligent tools for automated management and Digital Marketing analytics, that allow us to simplify operational business processes as much as possible and reduce costs (for resources, time, personnel, competencies) while increasing the return on investment.

We deeply believe that doing business can be fun like a game, with simplicity, optimization and automation of everyday processes, accompanied by a user-friendly interface and clear reporting visibility.

We wish everyone a good game!

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We are on social networks

We are on social networks

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See how the Marketcells platform could be of much help to managers and specialists