5 roles - who are you?

  • Administrator
  • Integrator
  • Content manager
    Content manager
  • Moderator
  • Analyst
  • The platform will send you the real time notifications concerning all the changes made by your colleagues

  • Marketcells will save all posts removed from social media feeds, making it possible to analyze the period errors

We provide groups of different specialists with real time collaboration on posting feeds and comments under their own accounts (a nice bonus for a business owner - there is absolutely no need to give employees direct access to the company's social networks, while an employee's access can be blocked in 1 click)!

Employees collaboration on comments

Streamlining processes and communication with real-time collaboration tools

  • Real time automated notification on any changes in comments

  • Convenient interface for Customer feedback management

  • Spam and negative comments Moderation

  • Quick Response Templates

  • New unviewed comments Notification

  • Response requiring comments Notification

No comment will stay unanswered! ))

Collaborating with SMM specialists and bloggers, but don't know how to start analyzing their work?

Letting everything take its course, you bear the following risks and costs:

  1. Expenses for uncoordinated design and creative
  2. Expenses for an SMM specialist activities, because he said it is necessary
  3. Reputational risks
  4. Lost time and profit

What to do?

Reasonable monitoring and clear control is an integral part of the effective business.

Marketcells will help you organize transparent monitoring for objective control and further planning at minimal cost.

Choose the plan that suits you best!

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We are on social networks

We are on social networks

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