Intelligent Dashboard

Simple and informative!

All analytics data on your social services, media channels and channels of competitors are brought together on the same screen for gaining insights into your workflow

  • Friendly interface

  • Index dynamics across your channels

  • Index dynamics across competitors channels

  • Goals achievement dynamics

All statistics at your fingertips. Just choose a period!

Аll orders from various social networks in one place!

Complete product card as your customers see it!

Keep goal progress tracking - nothing is easier!

All-in-one messenger - all apps messaging is integrated into nto one smooth flow at one place!

Key changes, including data from Yandex Metrica and Google Analytics counters!

Keep goal progress tracking - nothing is easier!

Statistics and analytics

The ROI of your social media strategy has become crystal clear!

  • Large set of reporting indexes

  • Selecting channels to monitor

  • Reported period selection

  • Reported periods comparison

  • Statistics history since you have connected to Marketcells

  • Freeing up your time with automated reports

No more mysterious dances with a tambourine in a dark forest)))

We do not sell our clients data!

Collecting data, we guarantee their inviolability - they remain confidential and inaccessible to third parties!

Competitor analysis

Analyze best practices, improve your own strategy!

Competitor analysis

All information is taken from legal sources

Competitor analysis

Healthy and fair competition is the key to successful business growth!

  • Discover your competitors' activity Analysis with Index changes History since you have been connected to Marketcells
  • Your competitor posts will be displayed in your posting calendar for further analysis
  • Track the Competitors promotional posts Audit - view data any time
  • Enjoy day-by-day comparison of both strategies (month, year etc.) - gain insights
  • Optimize your promotion costs using fact based analysis

Google.Analytics and Yandex.Metrica

We have linked data from analytics systems on websites with social media data!

  • Choice of counters and data views

  • Report period selection

  • Large set of reporting indexes

  • Accounting for the achievement of conversional and retargeting goals

  • History of statistics across your channels and media since you have connected to Marketcells

  • Reporting periods comparison

Thanks to Marketcells you will be able to evaluate the quality of the traffic attracted from social networks

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We are on social networks

We are on social networks

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