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The Marketcells platform has been developed by a team of professionals with many years experience in combining Digital Marketing + BigData + AI.

We see our mission in promoting the development of small and medium-sized businesses by creating best practices and solutions in the field of integrated intelligent tools for automated management and Digital Marketing analytics, that allow us to simplify operational business processes as much as possible and reduce costs (for resources, time, personnel, competencies) while increasing the return on investment.

We deeply believe that doing business can be fun like a game, with simplicity, optimization and automation of everyday processes, accompanied by a user-friendly interface and clear reporting visibility.

We wish everyone a good game!

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Collecting data, we guarantee their inviolability - they remain confidential and inaccessible to third parties!

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"Transformative and Benefiting Experience with Marketcells"

The best thing about Marketcells is its ability to effectively segment the market and connect businesses with their target audience, leading to higher conversion rates, improved customer engagement, and more efficient marketing strategies.

I am doing Affiliate Marketing and Marketcells helps solve my social media management by providing me with a centralized platform to plan, create, schedule, and analyze my social media campaigns across multiple platforms. It streamlines content creation, scheduling, and engagement, making it easier to manage and optimize social media efforts for maximum impact.

Jeremiah K., Small-Business
Real customer reviews based on G2 data

"Excellent platform to simplify market research"

Marketcells offer user-friendly interface as well as diverse range of tools for data analysis, making it easier to gather valuable insights. I see nothing much to dislike about Marketcells but beginners may find it difficult to fully understand the platform's capabilities.

The platform makes it easy to understand complicated data, helping save time and effort when finding important information. It easily works together with other tools, making everything flow smoothly and stopping the need for complicated and separate steps.

Zeel P., Student Intern
Real customer reviews based on G2 data

"Easy way to reach your goal"

Since we are using Marketcells we experienced that we can reach to our goal, Marketcells provide us direct access of all social media platforms, so we can easily promote our brand products and attract more business through them it's completely hassle free platform. Sometimes it's take time to upload the product details and others details.

Early we faced how to manage multiple social media accounts and pages and it's take whole day to update details over each and every social media platforms. But when we start using Marketcells, our problems are solved. We can manage all our social media platforms with single click. This is time efficient and money saving app! Also we reach more customers and attract more business

ASIF P., Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Real customer reviews based on G2 data

"Marketcells Review"

What I like best about Marketcells, it's its ease of using and functionalities that give you more options to make your campaign best. I would like to have more possibilities in free trial version and some good samples will be helpful.

Marketcells are good from our conventional tools and help us with time saving and more attractive marketing.

Harshal D., Software Engineer
Real customer reviews based on G2 data

"Revolutionizing Market Dynamics"

I like seamless user interface, robot analytics, comprehensive market insights and adaptable tools catering to diverse business needs. But I would like to have less limited customization options for my enterprise marketing needs.

Marketcells is benefiting me while it streamlines market analysis by providing tools and features to assist in comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, trend identification and consumer behavior tracking.

Shivam S., Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
Real customer reviews based on G2 data

"Marketcells Review"

Best thing is that it's an all-in-one platform, it saves a lot of navigation time. And it's competitors analysis, of course. One can add more social networks so, he doesn't have to use direct platforms.

Marketcells helps me with managing different social networks platform from one place.

Md A., Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
Real customer reviews based on G2 data

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We are on social networks

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